Embracing Dyslexia: Cornell Amerson’s Inspiring Story

Is your child struggling in school? Are you concerned about their success? A recent interview with Cornell Amerson by Educating Dyslexia has shed some light on the struggles that kids go through when they have a learning disability. He addresses his own personal struggles and sheds light on the issue. Being able to identify a child’s struggles early on can help to prevent a child from losing confidence and self-esteem. Most children with a learning difficulty will begin to perceive themselves as incapable and different from the other kids in the class. This can lead to low levels of self-esteem and behaviors that appear to be uninterested or uncooperative in the classroom.

Cornell Amerson is the author of “The Janitor’s Secret“, a fictional novel that provides insight into the struggles of having a learning disability. Many people do not understand the difficulties a child has in a classroom when they have dyslexia. Being able to understand how it affects a child’s confidence and beliefs is so important. Cornell is a great example of a man who has dyslexia and who reveals these challenges.

Amerson’s interview has two parts. The first part focuses on his difficulties in school and as an adult with dyslexia. It is a fascinating story that truly demonstrates the emotional, social and intellectual issues that arise when a child does not understand his/her challenges. He fell through the cracks and spent many years not understanding why he was unsuccessful. Identifying the challenges early on and seeking support and help is so beneficial for a child’s success.

The second part demonstrates his artistic talents. He shows work that he did when he was younger and his amazing abilities. While he failed the traditional school system, his abilities and talents reveal his true intellectual ability. His story is inspiring in that it reveals his resilience to continue to seek education even when the system failed him. The work that we do here focuses on building confidence and training kids so that they can be successful in a classroom environment.

Understanding the struggles behind dyslexia will help you to deal with the challenges that you or your child face. At TLC we strive to help you and your child overcome any challenges that you may face. It is common, and you have support!