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Educational Therapy is different than academic tutoring. We use a both/and approach.

Our highly successful, systematic therapeutic approach is unique to The Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC). Our clients experience the benefits of a comprehensive and integrated plan that fully tracks and reviews each individual child’s needs.

No two students are exactly alike. That’s why we only use research-based, clinically tested programs customized for individual students’ needs.

Educational Therapy is different than academic tutoring
Our sessions are delivered by experienced

Our sessions are delivered by experienced, degreed learning specialists in a fun, caring 1-on-1 environment. We customize plans that are focused on techniques that create permanent changes in the brain’s neural pathways.

Most students come to us with academic and social challenges related to learning to read, reading comprehension, writing skills, math weaknesses, executive function difficulties, anxiety in school or socially. Some have identified learning disabilities and many just can’t identify why they are falling behind in school.

Students also receive a structured, multisensory reading or math component as well.
Specific program recommendations depend on each child’s unique profile of strengths and weaknesses with individual goals.

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