Do any of these describe your child?

  • Smart, but inconsistent with school achievement
  • Have impulsive behavior
  • Say “huh” or “what” often
  • Easily distracted
  • Overly focused during they want to do
  • Have a weak sense of time or
  • Unable to read an analogue clock
  • Clumsy or bumping into things?
  • Having difficulty with:
    • reading, writing, spelling or math
    • remembering what they learned
    • paying attention
    • listening or following directions
    • understanding the main idea in conversations or reading
    • remembering what they were told
    • organization
    • word retrieval
    • finding the right way to say something
    • transitioning from one activity to another

These can be changed.

Real change occurs with specialized therapies treating the underlying cause of the learning and attention problems.

The cause of these symptoms lies in the underlying processes that may be weak or undeveloped. Take look at this image of the Learning Continuum.  Schools and tutors are trained to work at the highest levels of the continuum (i.e. the “symptom”)

If you need change, you need TLC.

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