Private School Options

intensive therapy and academic remediation

TLC serves students needing a temporary alternative school placement – anywhere from one semester to two years. We provide the intensive therapy and academic remediation to help students return to a typical school environment with a new identity with skills for success socially and academically.

Attending TLC full-time offers

Who is a good candidate for our private school option?

Attending TLC full-time offers the opportunity to provide a full therapeutic program covering all the areas of the Learning Continuum within the school day. We provide a perfect setting for students that have fallen behind in a typical school environment because of learning deficiencies or family and life traumas. Most of our students have fallen behind because of attention/focus challenges, learning/memory deficiencies, multiple changes in teachers or schools within early years of schooling, ADHD, Dyslexia or unidentified challenges. Many times these involve the emotional challenges of repeated failure or anxiety needs. The nurturing environment allows students to both catch up academically and grow in their social/emotional skills so that they are able to return to other larger school environments able to learn more efficiently and confidently.

Who is NOT a good candidate?

Any student that has emotional challenges that cause behavior outbursts that become disruptive to other students or their own academic and emotional growth. While we care deeply about these students with behavioral needs, we can help you find an alternative placement that will better meet their behavioral needs.

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Will your child be able to move to the next grade level after attending TLC for full day school?

Yes! In fact, they will re-enter the next grade with an added confidence and new identity as a confident learner. The “time out” of the larger school environment is the gift many children need to step back and get the time they need to get the therapies and academic remediation needed to re-enter with a new identity as a student.

Logistically, we hold a private school affidavit the same that any other private school does. We will provide transcripts and all documentation needed to help your child register back into any school of choice after they attend our full-day program.

Will my child get the social interaction needed for social growth?

Yes. We sometimes describe it as a year of homeschooling. The social experiences are multi-age and provide opportunities for social/emotional growth that is important for the growth during this year. Still, we ask that families plan after school activities or sports so that their children get a mix of many experiences. If this is a concern for your child, let’s talk about your child’s individual needs and find solutions.

Child Social Interaction

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