Educational Therapy

Educational Therapy - Therapeutic Learning

Educational Therapy is different than Academic Tutoring in many ways:

Tutoring Focus:

  • Reteaching particular academic skills
  • Homework support
  • Increase grades or keep up with schoolwork

Educational Therapy Focus:

  • Reteach in different ways
  • Manage accommodations and modifications
  • Learn strategies for self-management and organization

Cognitive Training Focus:

  • Identify and FIX the underlying CAUSE of the problem through strengthening underlying cognitive learning skills needed for confidence and success.
  • For many students the best plan is to include cognitive training at the start of a plan, then educational therapy and finish with filling in any academic gaps with some short term tutoring to ensure transfer of their newly obtained skills within their school setting and life.
  • Use this graphic to learn how they may be the same or different while you decide what is best for your child.

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