Interactive Online 1:1 Session

Live 1-on-1 Online Learning Sessions

Live 1-on-1 Online Learning Sessions

How Does Live Online Educational Therapy Work?

During the session the student can:

  • See and hear the Learning Clinician

  • Share the trainer’s screen and share mouse control

  • Apply the use of manipulatives such as letter tiles or math manipulatives

  • Draw on the screen, write, and type as required

  • Engage in all applicable cognitive processing therapeutic exercises

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What happens in a live online lesson?

In an online session, your child will participate in a variety of activities:

  • The Learning Clinician presents new concepts and instruction by sharing the screen and demonstrating the activity

  • The Learning Clinician prompts the student, who then practices the activity by taking control of the mouse and mimicking the trainer

  • The student repeats the exercise with the trainer’s encouragement and guidance to build a skill towards automaticity

  • The Learning Clinician provides immediate feedback and encouragement

  • Both the Learning Clinician and the student can mark on the screen to highlight areas of difficulty

  • The student and Learning Clinician can see and hear each other and interact throughout the lesson, just as if they were sitting side by side.

students enjoying online sessions

Why do students enjoy online sessions?

  • They are already used to interacting with computers for learning, fun and social reasons.

  • They find confidence quickly when they feel productive and can see their improvements.

  • They find the relationship with consistent interaction and immediate feedback keep them engaged and focused.

  • They find that sessions takes less time out of their busy day and allow for more “down time” or sport activities.

  • Many feel comfortable and relaxed with more time in their day.

parents enjoying online sessions

Why do parents enjoy online sessions?

  • Online sessions are highly effective, and for some students provide fewer distractions.

  • Students are less tired and irritable because they don’t spend time in the car with travel.

  • Students can be more cooperative because they are not missing other activities due to long commutes.

  • Parents do not have to sacrifice such large amounts of time out of their busy day to get their child what they need to succeed.

  • Parents don’t have to make arrangements for siblings while still providing a child needed support

  • Appointments fit more easily into established family routines without traffic in commuting.

  • Students who have switched to online sessions often do not want their time to end because they are enjoying it so much.

  • Parents love the savings in time, travel and gasoline spent in commuting long distances.

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