In-Person Services

In-Person Services - Therapeutic Learning

TLC offers in-person services 1:1 with trained clinicians within North County San Diego. Our offices are located in Solana Beach.

Relationship and instant feedback increase the efficiency of student growth. These are achieved at a high level in this setting. Our students LOVE coming to TLC. They feel the strength in their growth and it becomes evident in their confidence and independence in learning.

COVID-19 related:

During the pandemic we maintain very substantial cleaning and health protocols. Most of our staff are fully vaccinated so if that is a preference or need, we will accommodate your request. All of our Learning Clinicians have individual rooms with heavy ventilation for ensuring refreshed air flow. Additionally, we use UV lights to go the extra step for cleaning all rooms at the end of each day.

Some of our students come to our center because wearing a mask is not appropriate for their learning needs. We accommodate those needs also because we are able to provide high level ventilation and our environment allows for very healthy social distancing when necessary.

Please talk to us about your preferences and specific child’s needs.

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