Reading Difficulties


Do you wonder why your child has difficulty “sounding out” words?

Do you wonder why your child doesn’t remember seeing the same word that was just sounded out before?

OR – Do you wonder why your child can read an entire page and not be able to remember what they read?

Can you imagine what your child is experiencing and how it feels?

Child reading with difficulty

While we watch these children do these things, it’s even more important to feel what they are experiencing
and how frustrating it must be for the child!

There ARE solutions! And each has its own doable therapy.

Let’s work together to identify what their pattern is. We can identify the CAUSE and fix that…. so that your child can be successful and enjoy reading at higher levels for thinking and learning.

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Is it Dyslexia? That’s a complicated answer.
But does the label matter if the solution is here?

Can’t say enough good things about the team at TLC. My daughter has a challenging central processing disorder and went through multiple rounds of evaluation and testing by a variety of specialist. Happily, we were eventually referred to Maria Bagby and her team. After their hard work, my daughters ability to focus, work independently and self confidence have all improved tremendously. I recommend them without hesitation.


I can’t say enough about this place and all the clinicians who work there! It’s been a blessing in my family’s life, especially my 13 year old son’s life. He is about 4 years behind in all academic areas and he’s been here for a couple months. He has already grown 1 to almost 2 grade levels in reading. Amazing! His confidence is improving, his self esteem is being boosted and there are more smiles on his face. We look forward to all the growth he’ll make.

Janie S.

I highly recommend TLC! My son’s processing speed improved, he’s able to complete his schoolwork more independently, and his confidence in his abilities has increased. He says, “Everything is just easier after TLC!” I love the focus on fixing the child’s issues, rather than merely teach them to cope. All of the staff is amazing– caring, patient, & positive. My son’s clinician challenged him without pushing him to frustration. A worthwhile investment in my child’s future!

Kristen S.
Every child is different, our clinically tested programs are customized for the individual student’s needs

Our reading programs, based on more than 80 years of research, use an Orton-Gillingham based approach from an underlying processing (auditory, visual and language processing) to help students reach their reading levels without having to play catch-up for the rest of their school lives. Every child is different, our clinically tested programs are customized for the individual student’s needs. Sessions are delivered by experienced, trained clinicians in a fun and caring 1-on-1 environment.