A natural non-medication ADHD solution.

As a parent, it hurts to see our child struggle and be told that your child needs medication to be successful. Is it ADHD? ADD? Is just lazy? Is it that you can’t find what motivates your child? Or is it defiance? You can improve your child’s attention and focus skills without medication.

At The Therapeutic Learning Center, we help by first identifying the underlying causes of the attention and focus challenges, then design a non-medication therapeutic plan for change. We can help your child gain the ability to attend which will have an impact in their academic, social and family lives.

A natural non-medication ADHD solution

These are some typical warning signs that your child has difficulties with attention:

  • Poor study or work habits
  • Fidgeting or squirming excessively
  • Constantly interrupting in class or in conversations
  • Difficulty maintaining attention
  • Difficulty organizing activities
  • Getting up often from his or her seat in class
  • Taking too long to finish assignments
  • Failing to hand in homework
  • Answering questions before they are completed
  • Getting distracted by noise or other conversations
  • Difficulty waiting for his or her turn
  • Constantly has to be moving
girl with adhd together with her mother

It is important for you as a parent to realize your child is probably not doing these things on purpose. Attention problems can have a variety of causes. For example, one student who has difficulty paying attention, is fidgety, and has trouble following oral directions may have true ADHD, while another with similar issues may have retained primitive reflexes or difficulty with auditory processing. So, children with attention, academic, and behavioral struggles are not intentionally being lazy, unmotivated, silly, or defiant. These students are often working extremely hard with little result. They want so badly to be successful in class, but they simply don’t yet have the proper tools to do so. Using our specialized targeted approach, we will identify the underlying processing skills that are CAUSING the problem and design a specific therapeutic intervention. To learn more about why your smart child is struggling with attention issues and how to create the change your child needs, schedule a consultation.

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