We work at the top of the continuum too!

Homework support with trained clinicians.
You can have quality family time at home.

Imagine this: 3 children from your child’s school ride together to TLC after school. Your children get their homework done with a trained clinician who understands the underlying cognitive processes, they receive their TLC therapies in what is causing their learning problem and if time, they get extra tutoring in writing or math skills….. all before you pick them up to go home!

And what if it’s a day they don’t have scheduled TLC therapies? They receive extra tutoring in their greatest area of need…. Or even spend time playing some “old school” educational games!

How much time and stress would that save you as a family?  How can you afford NOT to re-claim family time?

That’s our vision. The after school care with tutoring, homework and TLC therapies combined with the Success Program is our way of giving back to our community.

We will make it easier and cost efficient for you to give your children a real and permanent solution to their learning challenges while decreasing your stress and reclaiming family time.

Learning problems don’t have to be permanent.

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