Cognitive Training (or Learning Therapy) for Efficient Learning

Brain research on neuroplasticity has proven that through targeted and intensive training, the brain can literally change and grow. New and permanent neuropathways or connections can be made that will allow individuals to learn new skills and process information more effectively.

Programming is created very specifically for each student based on assessment results and what it will take to make the needed changes in the quickest and most effective way possible.

We use research-based, clinically proven programs and techniques.

Our one-on-one cognitive training allows us to work intensively and intentionally with complete focus on the student. We expect that students will make changes every session.

Parent feedback is important in our process and parents will always be kept in the loop regarding progress.

Students love their TLC sessions! They love the relationships they develop with their clinicians and they love the success that they feel as they work through the process, even though we are working on their challenging areas!

We have a system that works.

Plans are created individually with specific intent targeted at specific needs of each student. These plans are based the science of neuroplasticity and how our brains work for efficient learning and joy in life. Some of the programs we use as “tools” in our proprietary system for change include:

  • Auditory Stimulation Training for Reading, Spelling and Comprehension
  • Attention and Executive Function Skills Training
  • Discover Reading
  • Discover Math
  • Interactive Metronome
  • Samonas, TLP, iLS, & inTime Auditory Training
  • AMPS (Attention, Memory, and Processing Skills)
  • Reflex Integration with Cold Laser
  • A neurodevelopmental approach to handwriting
  • A proven method to developing content and organization in writing
  • An Orton Gillingham methodology (not a program)

But it’s not in the “program” where the change happens. What WORKS is developing the underlying processing skills with every adjustment throughout our work. This requires the expertise of the highly trained and dedicated team of learning clinicians at TLC.

This is much more than tutoring or what schools are equipped to offer.

Identify the Cause

Let’s identify what is CAUSING your child’s challenges in attention and learning in reading, writing, spelling or math.

Using the Learning Continuum, we will explain a very unique approach in developing the underlying processing skills needed to be an efficient learner while reading, writing and doing math.

This is very different than tutoring or what you find in schools.  And, at the same time, you will see the growth in reading, writing, spelling, math and even social clues in a very short time after starting with us!

Our system is effective. It works.

If you need change, you need TLC.

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