The Arrowsmith Program at TLC
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Advanced neuroscience research shows that a the brain can change. When challenged, the brain strengthens the weaker neural pathways and/or creates new neuropathways around the weak areas. The Arrowsmith Program consists of specialized cognitive exercises that challenge targeted areas of the brain that contribute to learning difficulties. These cognitive exercises boost the capacity and ability of a student to perform complex tasks in areas previously strenuous.

The Arrowsmith Program brings the research in the neurosciences to the education and development of learning skills. The program is uniquely designed to address the needs of students with average to above-average IQs who struggle with learning differences.

The Arrowsmith Program tailors cognitive exercises to the unique requirements of each student. After completing the program, results show that students are able to participate in a typical academic curriculum, with most no longer requiring the supports and/or accommodations they had relied on before the program. This is why we brought the Arrowsmith Program to TLC. Our goal is to FIX learning problems so that students become comfortable, confident, motivated and independent in any learning environment.  The Arrowsmith Program is a big part of the process for the students that require this level of in-depth cognitive training.

Is the Arrowsmith Program right
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Complete the Arrowsmith Program Cognitive Profile Questionnaire to determine whether you or your child’s difficulties are typical of those addressed by the Arrowsmith Program.

Learn about the Arrowsmith Program.

See if you or your child is a good fit at TLC where we have the full-time, part-time, child and adult options.  Explore the Arrowsmith Program Website Another good resource is the Eaton School Website in Toronto.  Also learn about TLC’s unique background in cognitive training and ask about our complimentary therapies that support all types of students gain access to the valuable Arrowsmith cognitive training tasks.

Made a Difference

“I didn’t think that taking time out from academic classes would make a difference, but it really has helped me to become a good student. I have a lot more choices in my future now.”
-- High School Freshman

TLC’s Program:

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Typical Students and
typical Students” when it works!

Don’t miss out!

Read Barbara Arrowsmith’s book. You may identify with many of the experiences written there and find hope knowing that challenges don’t have to be permanent with the work strengthening specifically targeted areas of the brain is done.

The Woman Who Changed Her Brain

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It’s never too late to change your brain!

All the work at TLC, including the more intensive work in the Arrowsmith Program,
is based on the science of neuroplasticity to improve processing skills.

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