Adult services

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TLC serves ADULTS in ALL areas of our therapies.

We have just been terrible about advertising this!  Therefore, we are in the process of developing better website information in all areas. Our ADULT website is under construction.

In the meantime – we have a tiny bit of information here. Still – all of the information on our website does apply to adults…. but we will have more soon!

– Auditory Processing Therapy for Adults (read more below)

– Memory and Processing Speed Therapy for Adults (read more below)

– Arrowsmith Program for Adults (read more below)

– Other (call for further information)

Auditory Processing:  As we age, we tend to believe that our hearing is decreasing due to hearing loss. However, most often it isn’t the type of hearing that we think. What is more often happening is that the range of frequencies is decreasing over time.  With therapy, this process can be slowed or even reversed.

Memory and Processing Speed: We have a number of clients in their 70’s that feel that their memory is decreasing in some way. We have therapies to strengthen the memory and processing speed in everyone!  Our oldest client is 79 years old. Her testimonies have been delightful to hear as she visits us!

TLC offers the Arrowsmith Program for ADULTS:  While the Arrowsmith Program is typically in a school setting, our AP program is within a cognitive training and learning center for all ages.  Currently, we have a 24 year old in our program and have a 35 year old client in the process of admission.

Neuroplasticity does not stop when we get older!