We offer real solutions in battling your child’s learning and attention challenges.

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Dyslexia affects around 20% of students in school, hidden auditory processing challenges affects 50% of those with ADHD and about 30% have difficulty with auditory processing. These weak underlying processing skills are not addressed at school but are technically vital such as in reading and comprehension. Even the smartest student may struggle if these hindrances are not resolved.

Traditional teachings in schools focus on learning at a fast and level-based approach oftentimes overlooking the incapability of some students in catching up due to weak underlying skills that are not addressed. Our approach primarily aims to strengthen each underlying skill to enable every learner to be responsive, attentive and independent.

At Therapeutic Learning Center, We Have
A System – Not a Program

We can help you and your student’s struggles on learning as we’ve helped over 10,000 students in becoming achievers through our brain training approach!
We provide the best therapeutic approach and clinical tools specifically designed for every student’s need including:

AMPS (Attention, Memory, and Processing Skills)

AMPS is a cognitive processing skill program designed to provide efficient mental tools for thinking and learning through fun and non-academic activities. These brain stimulation exercises created from cognititve neuroscience and behavioral optometry studies are proven to develop new brain connections or neuro-pathways which improves visual and auditory memory, reasoning, working memory, processing speed, sequential processing, spatial orientation, problem solving, reasoning and motor planning.

Reflex Integration with Cold Laser

This state-of-the-art treatment combines low level laser therapy on acupuncture points, sound frequencies and light to integrate fundamental reflex pattern which greatly improves emotional stability, behavior, cognition and movement. Reflexes are primitive responses of the body that are supposed to activate during development stages but are sometimes delayed leading to behavioral and physical challenges such as stroke, autism, Parkinson’s disease and even learning disabilities.

Discover Reading and Discover Math

Allow your child to discover reading and math in a fun and faster way through our offered programs! We aim to target every student’s capability to solve, process and analyze without having a stressful time in learning but a rather joyful experience. Improvement in academic performance increases a child’s confidence and provides a solid foundation for a better future.

Auditory Stimulation Training

Auditory processing disorder (APD) affects about 5% of school-aged children and still, no medication nor traditional methods has produced any promising treatments. But fret not, for hope is here. Therapeutic Learning Center, seeks to permanently address and help children with APD by creating an effective stimulation training which help students to develop active listening and spelling skills, enhance memory and discernment on different sounds and understanding speech in noisy environments.​

Attention and Executive Function Skills Training

Students with core deficit in executive function tend to suffer with poor academic performance, lack of control on impulsive behavior and hyperactivity. These impairments may lead to long term negative outcomes which may greatly affect a student’s life—and this could be your child. But here in Therapeutic Learning Center, we offer the most efficient and appropriate training to improve symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other attention challenges.

Sound Therapy, TLP, iLS, & inTime Auditory Training

Advance brain training programs are carefully designed by our specialists to improve symptoms of abnormal sound sensitivity, behavioral disorders including autism spectral disorders and auditory processing problems through music-based intervention offered in our Samonas Sound Therapy, The Listening Program (TLP), Integrated Listening System (ILS) and Intime Auditory Training. These neuro-acoustic techniques are modified as constructive stimulations to improve a child’s ability to communicate, learn, and process information.

Time to unveil the causes of a child’s struggle at school and
to identify the best approach.

At Therapeutic Learning Center, every student will experience results guaranteed for a lifetime!

Is Your Struggling Child Showing These Signs And Symptoms?

  • Poor listening and reading comprehension
  • Weak Memory
  • Attention Problems
  • Poor auditory processing
  • Timid and lacks self confidence
  • Anxiety
  • Difficulty in retaining and processing new information
  • Lack of focus
  • Problems with auditory processing and memory
  • Word guessing based on first letter
  • Difficulty in expressing own thoughts
  • Trouble following instructions
  • Difficulty in socializing with peers
  • Poor visual memory
  • Answers one word to every question
  • Poor coordination
  • Regression or re-reading things multiple times
  • Difficulty in doing homework and activities
  • Prolonged time in completing tasks and homework
  • Poor visual distinction
  • Difficulty remembering words and directions
  • Slow and labor-intensive reading
  • Problems with planning and organizing

These are just few of the struggles of students that are not well understood and addressed in a traditional school model, but with the appropriate intervention and specialized brain training that we can offer these learning challenges can be eradicated and the weak underlying skills can be strengthened. Students and parents won’t have to suffer the impacts of these problems as we focus on eliminating the root cause rather than the symptoms.

How We Help

Therapeutic Learning Center aims to enable students become independent and comfortable learners through one-on-one sessions. The institution targets to develop and address weak underlying learning and processing skills that hinders them from unleashing their potentials and proficiency in writing, comprehension and math. Various learning and attention challenges that are carefully dealt with in the program are:

  • Dyslexia
  • Auditory Processing Disorders
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Attention Deficit
  • Executive Function
  • Processing Skills
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Reading, writing, spelling, math

We don’t simply assist students with their school assignments nor provide coping strategies and band aid approaches– we provide permanent and real solutions to real problems.


Our Success Stories

“Anna continues to thrive, she’s amazing. Even through this lockdown, she has friends and wrapping up the year with all A’s. I think she had such a hard time early on that she is built resilience. TLC played a huge role in all her success.”

Helga F
Helga F

“I highly recommend TLC! My son’s processing speed improved, he’s able to complete his schoolwork more independently, and his confidence in his abilities has increased. He says, “Everything is just easier after TLC!” I love the focus on fixing the child’s issues, rather than merely teach them to cope. All of the staff is amazing– caring, patient, & positive. My son’s clinician challenged him without pushing him to frustration. A worthwhile investment in my child’s future!”

Kristen S
Kristen S

“I can’t say enough about this place and all the clinicians who work there! It’s been a blessing in my family’s life, especially my 13 year old son’s life. He is about 4 years behind in all academic areas and he’s been here for a couple months. He has already grown 1 to almost 2 grade levels in reading. Amazing! His confidence is improving, his self esteem is being boosted and there are more smiles on his face. We look forward to all the growth he’ll make.”

Janie S
Janie S

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We hear numerous stories of how different learning problems affect the daily lives of children and families. Stowell Learning Center will help each parent and student to first understand the problem and provide the best, real and permanent solution.


Learning Continuum

Learn how the ladder of Learning Skills Continuum works and understand the importance of strengthening underlying core learning, processing and executive function skills as a strong foundation towards academic and social success.

Fix Learning Skills

Learning difficulties take many forms but they don’t have to be permanent! Learn how these challenges are corrected, how common misconceptions are debunked and how learning skills are built and strengthened.

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As a parent of a child with learning difficulty, know that you are not alone. Know the most current thoughts from our experts and the experience of families who’ve been through it.

Let us introduce ourselves

Meet Maria

Maria Bagby founded the Therapeutic Learning Center in Solana Beach, CA in 2012. TLC’s focus has been on FIXING learning challenges through strengthening the underlying learning skills needed for comfortable and efficient learning. “When a smart child is struggling in school, it is often because they have a hidden underlying CAUSE. That could be weak processing skills (e.g. auditory or visual processing, memory skills or processing speed). By addressing the cause of the problem, students become the motivated, confident and independent learners they want to be.”​

TLC takes no for an answer and believes that we can help your child in his/her learning challenges! We work one on one with parents and students to achieve a positive environment and provide a joyful learning experience with remarkable and permanent results. TLC meticulously develops strategies targeted to address every child’s need and adapt the most effective learning style unlike in a traditional school model. We aim to continually design and showcase the most efficient, research-based techniques to produce a comprehensive continuum of learning skills, unleash a child’s potential and boost one’s confidence.​