1. The first step is to help us get to know your child.  Schedule a consultation in person or by phone where we can talk about your concerns and answer questions you might have about how TLC will help improve your child’s challenges.

2. Next, we will meet with your child in order to identify the solution and create an individualized plan specific to your child’s needs. We will do a Functional Assessment. Let us know if you have previous assessments or evaluations or provide us with samples of student work if appropriate.

3. Then we will implement the plan to create life-long change.

Success is on the other side of starting!

“Success is on the other side of starting.”

Start Now

Your first step toward change is to schedule a complimentary consultation in person or by phone.


Here’s a question: How do you prioritize your child’s learning needs with everything else that demands time and energy?!?! 

Some smart parents have figured out a solution for that too!

In North County it can be a challenge to get everywhere at the same time and fit everything in. Yet prioritizing giving your child the therapy your child needs to FIX the problem is critical. For that reason, TLC has listened to parent requests and is now offering transportation from school for families that are interested or need.