Student Services

Here at Therapeutic Learning Center, we offer many levels of support for struggling learners and distressed parents through our intensive one on one or small groups sessions. To accelerate a student’s academic performance, we develop training exercises and preparations to strengthen underlying weak cognitive skills such as in:

  • Memory

  • Attention and Executive Function

  • Auditory and Visual Processing Speed

  • Logic and Reasoning

  • Internal timing and organization

  • Motor coordination and sensory integration

We believe that no two students are alike, therefore, providing a completely individualized program is of great importance to ensure the best and most effective approach. To do this, our service primarily begins with a phone consultation or a Parent Information Night to identify and empathize every learner’s struggle and to allow parents to ask questions. It is then followed by a comprehensive academic and learning skills assessment to pinpoint the child’s strengths and weaknesses. We then provide recommendations and develop a customized program setup out of the evaluation and parent consultations targeted to meet each learner’s need. At our learning center, our specialists help struggling students to learn at their pace, build confidence and develop underlying thinking skills essential to efficient learning.

We continually work with students of all ages who are academically challenged especially in math, reading, spelling, writing, listening, comprehension, executive function, or even those with attention challenges. Some of our clients come with formally diagnosed learning challenges while some are simply struggling in school or some area of their life. We believe that everyone deserves the best therapeutic programs to aid academically challenged students become smart learners, critical thinkers and future influencers. You and your child deserve academic success and TLC is here to help. Get started by giving us a call at +1 (858) 668-8366, join our Parent Information Night or schedule a free consultation today!

Get started by giving us a call, join our Parent Information Night or schedule a free consultation today!

My son Holden struggled in first & early part of second grade. Reading was a real challenge, he hated going to school and no-one could tell us why he was struggling. We contacted Maria at the Therapeutic Literacy Center. They diagnosed him with APD after one afternoon and then set up a treatment plan to improve his reading and his self confidence. While I wasn‘t a big fan of the drive, Holden loved going to therapy. He always felt comfortable and loved working with Lidia. Fast forward through the summer and we are now in third grade. Reading is still a little bit of a challenge, but light year’s ahead of last year. He’s now more middle of the pack for reading in his class. For someone who was reading close to a Kindergarten level, this is a huge improvement. Plus, Holden likes to go to school again, does karate and has more self confidence, and we owe all of this to TLC. Thanks for everything.

Chris & Maura Dulski

Learning Continuum

Learn how the ladder of Learning Skills Continuum works and understand the importance of strengthening underlying core learning, processing and executive function skills as a strong foundation towards academic and social success.

Fix Learning Skills

Learning difficulties take many forms but they don’t have to be permanent! Learn how these challenges are corrected, how common misconceptions are debunked and how learning skills are built and strengthened.

Attend our Information Session

As a parent of a child with learning difficulty, know that you are not alone. Know the most current thoughts from our experts and the experience of families who’ve been through it.