How We Are Different

Therapeutic Learning Center is a premier provider of distinct, incomparable and effective techniques and programs that help battle the effects of learning and attention challenges in the student population. Our intention for the families affected is that they will experience the best, most convenient and cost-efficient way to aid what seemed as a helpless case.

We primarily aim to first pinpoint the specific weak underlying skills that serves as the root of a learner’s academic struggle which is not addressed in a traditional school setting. And unlike most therapists which target specific skills, we work with developing a full range of underlying skills as well as the basic academic skills. Our mission is to permanently solve the problem by providing innovative support to struggling students and parents. We strive to provide quality solutions at the lowest cost to our clients.

Our service is extremely comprehensive! We want to help every struggling learner to become the best that they can be and achieve excellent academic performance for a better future.

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The improvements in 4 months has been nothing short of AMAZING!! My son absolutely loves going to TLC because it‘s fun and he feels like the gifted and smart child he actually is. Overall I’m no longer seeing his learning frustrations but the quick ways he grasps things. I‘m so thankful we could be a part of the TLC’s program. It has been well worth the cost!!!