Get Started

Here’s how to get started on your path toward solutions and change:

Consult with the Executive Director
  • Consult with the Executive Director

    Our process begins when you attend a free, no obligation phone or Zoom Consultation in which we will listen to your concerns, get to know you and your child’s needs, and get your questions answered.

  • Evaluation or Records Review

    This initial assessment or records review is vital to our process in developing the solution to your concerns and your child’s individual struggles. Our evaluation is NOT focused on assigning a label or diagnosis, but rather on identifying the SOLUTION to what is causing the challenges. We will be obtaining a measure of strengths and weaknesses in areas such as reading, writing, comprehension, attention/focus, memory, processing speed, visual and auditory processing, phonological processing, comprehension and any possible neurodevelopmental interference in higher processing.

    If your child has had previous testing, we will review it and advise if further testing is necessary for us to make a recommendation.

Evaluation or Records Review
Report and Recommendations
  • Report and Recommendations

    Within a week of your child being evaluated, we will schedule a post consultation to share our report with evaluation results and recommendations and to answer any questions you have. Our focus is on providing answers, so our reports are written without technical jargon and you will have answers to your questions about what can be done to create the change you are looking for. We use these conversations to develop the measurable goals that your child needs to become the confident and independent learner you know they can be.

  • Schedule and Start

    After designing a customized program, your child is assigned an experienced Learning Clinician to work 1-on-1 in a nurturing, yet challenging environment either in-person or with interactive Zoom teleconferencing.

    All our Learning Clinicians hold Bachelors or Masters degrees in their fields and have extensive experience working with children and teens with learning challenges. We pair up students with each clinician based on complementary personalities to make sure they are the right fit for each other.

Schedule and Start
Ongoing Communication
  • Ongoing Communication

    Relationship and communication is at the heart of our success so expect to have regular communication with your Learning Clinician. Daily session notes are provided with input from parents always invited. A meeting will be set up after the first two weeks during which we will share observations and answer questions now that we have gotten to know your child a bit more intimately and then monthly progress meetings are scheduled to ensure goals are being met with benchmarks along the way.

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