What is a Functional Assessment?

Our Functional Assessment is an evaluation of academic and learning skills. We will use many types of standardized assessments to identify the learning and processing skills that are the foundation for all learning and attention.  This Functional Assessment will allow us to:

  • Help you understand why your child is struggling
  • Create a plan for solving the learning difficulties that is specifically designed to meet your child’s needs
  • Determine the best way to create permanent change.

Functional Assessments are different than a Diagnostic or Qualifying assessments in that the purpose isn’t to give a diagnosis or qualify your child for accommodations and extra resources at school.  Rather, the purpose is to identify how to FIX the problem so that your child doesn’t need accommodations and modifications to access learning.

A Functional Assessment’s purpose is to identify exactly what your child needs to become a comfortable, efficient, confident and independent learner in any environment.

Do you already have previous assessments or evaluations?  Great!  Share those with us!  They may provide enough information to cut down the time we need to identify the plan.

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