What Makes Us Different

What makes us different?


Much more than tutoring. Using the continuum, we identify and address the root CAUSE of the learning or attention challenge so that students don’t need tutoring or accommodations long term.

Unlike tutoring or typical educational therapy, we FIX the CAUSE that is causing the visible symptoms that are more easily identified in reading, writing and math struggles. By treating the CAUSE…. the academic learning becomes more natural, confident and independent.

We work one-to-one with students (and adults) to develop the weak underlying learning skills that are keeping them from working to their potential before or at the same time that we remediate the foundational skills of reading, writing, spelling and math. This impacts comprehension and social skills at the same time.

We don’t provide coping strategies or a “Band-Aid approach”. We don’t help students with homework. We help them develop the independent skills they need to do their learning with confidence and a return of joy in learning.

When learning isn’t coming as automatic or smoothly as it should, there is usually an underlying learning skills that is weak or under-developed.

Using the continuum approach to address the underlying skills, we see students become efficient, confident and independent in their school work and develop stronger relationships socially in after school lives. We see families reduce their conflict and stress. Life becomes more simplified. Joy and relationship are the core of our mission.

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