Maria Bagby  (Maria’s Bio)

Hello, It is with great pleasure that I introduce the TLC team to you. Each individual brings gifts of knowledge, talents, dedication, passion and interest in every family and student I know that you will feel the energy when you walk in our door at TLC. Please introduce yourself and get to know each person on the team. We value open dialogue, communication and relationship with our families.

Maria Bagby, MAs
Reading and Learning Specialist
Founder and Executive Director

Lois Yacko

Lois has her BA in communications and a teaching credential. She says, “I am always learning something new here at TLC. Every student and fellow clinician teach me something that makes me better at meeting kids’ needs. The quality of the Arrowsmith Program is unmatched. TLC therapies support access to the Arrowsmith Program – and they way these cognitive therapies work has been transforming. The TLC staff loves what they do. They are excited to choose and create programming that works best for their students. There is no “one size fits all” approach to programs. “ Lois enjoys hiking, being on the beach or a boat, trying new restaurants, and traveling.

Lois Yacko
Arrowsmith Director/Teacher

Enjoy meeting part of the TLC team in person here in this short video.  What’s fun about the TLC team?  They are willing to jump in and talk to you from their hearts without any planning here!  We took a day of professional development and training and surprise… here’s a camera!  Background noise is staff laughing and having treats during a break.  This is who we are. We are grounded in dedication, intention and value communication. We are real. Just like every one of our students.

Alexis has a BA in Liberal Studies and has always enjoyed all of her psychology and child development classes. She says, “It is really exciting to give all of your attention to one student at a time. Having a team of people with eyes on a student gives a well rounded view of their needs and allows us to make and change lesson plans so that every student is getting the most out of each session.” Alexis enjoys travel, and experiencing new cultures and eating their food!


Anna holds a BA in psychology from San Diego State University. With a passion for education and helping others, she says,” I found my dream job at TLC. Working here fosters everything I believe in; I love helping kids enjoy learning just as much as I do!” Anna would like to further her education in school psychology or neuropsychology. When she’s not at work, you can find her reading, enjoying nature, or planning for her students!


Danielle has a BA in Journalism and Media Studies and is currently in a Master’s program for Special Education. She is excited to work at TLC because “It’s a friendly, caring environment.” She says “TLC is different because we take the time to truly get to know each student.” Danielle enjoys going to the gym, travel, surfing, snowboarding and scuba diving.


Demtro has a BA in Psychology. He says “TLC has a family atmosphere and you can tell each employee genuinely cares for each other as well as the students. We work closely with the parents and the kids.” Demetro enjoys chess, reading, basketball and running.


Emily has 10 years experience working with children with a variety of learning challenges. She has an AS in Child and Family Services, is working towards her BS and is interested in studying child development and holistic approaches to health and well being. She says “I enjoy working at TLC because we have the tools and skill sets necessary to help children with a whole variety of learning challenges.” In her free time, Emily loves to travel, read, watch movies, and spend time with loved ones.

Emily D

Emily has a BA in Psychology and holds her MA in Clinical Counseling. She says, “I get to collaborate with a team who are fun and committed to seeing our students succeed. It’s a privilege to work with each student and help facilitate growth by assisting them with developing the skills they need to thrive!” Emily loves to travel, hike, play French Horn and go to lots of concerts!  Emily currently serves as TLC’s Clinical Lead.

Emily W

Michaela has a BA in both Community Studies and Environmental Studies. She has also studies Early Childhood Education. She is studying for a Masters in speech, language and hearing sciences with emphasis on speech language pathology. She says “ I feel excited every day to come to work and help children accomplish tasks that had been difficult for them before. Every day holds another possibility for an “A-ha” moment! In her free time, Michaela enjoys bead weaving, making jewelry, writing poetry, hiking at the beach, playing guitar.


Liz has a BA in liberal studies for education with a specialization in Psychology. She says, “The most exciting part about working at TLC is that we don’t leave students behind or let them fall through the cracks. We work hard to tailor their education and provide what they need to be successful.” Liz likes to read, run, hike, and spend time with her two boys.


Rose has a BA in sociology and is studying to get her MA in cognitive psychology. Rose says “I enjoy studying methods used with kids and young adults, addressing characteristics early in life to ensure they are set up for a happy life. The reward in working here comes with each step and success for the student.” Rose enjoys spending time outside with her dog enjoying the sunshine.


Lyndon has studied cinematography and photography, and is very passionate about both. He says, “TLC has been such a blessing to have in my life. I think the best part of working here are the interactions I have between coworkers, parents and students.” Lyndon enjoys traveling and taking landscape photos.


Kailash came to TLC as a student and has achieved more than anyone would believe! He does the work of an Intern many days. Kailash has been the guest presenter on a radio show about the Law of Attraction. He enjoys being in a running club, develops his own programming and is interested in creating apps. Kailash has an open future for anything he chooses!


Shivani has her AA in Social and Behavioral Sciences, and is studying linguistics. She enjoys working with children and adults and helping them reach their personal, educational and professional goals. She says, “The people are the heart of what we do. “ She enjoys seeing how the specialized/individualized plans strengthen underlying skills for confidence reaching ultimate potential. Shivani enjoys swimming, traveling, hiking, dancing, reading, writing, cooking and watching movies.


Tori is currently studying to become a child/adolescent psychologist. She is excited about working at TLC – she says “Each of the children are unique and I love figuring out the puzzle in their processing to see them become confident and grow in independence.” Tori loves the outdoors, being adventurous and trying new things!


Lidia has a degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in physical education. She is currently applying for a doctorate of occupational therapy. Lidia enjoys seeing the little achievements each day in each client until they realize they can be successful. She says, “You never stop learning! I love the fact we are in a field where there is new knowledge, new techniques and every program we use is absolutely fascinating.” Lidia enjoys hiking, bike riding, arts and crafts and listening to golden oldies.


Ayah is currently doing her internship in Clinical Counseling. Her schedule isn’t allowing her to work with clients at the bit, but she will be back in the spring!





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